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About Us

Popasox was founded in 2018 with a clear aim in mind. To produce super soft, high quality, fun socks with the added bonus that they stay paired together. Why? Because there's better things to do than hunt odd socks!

While stood sorting a washing basket full of (odd) socks the following questions came to mind....

After many ideas and designs the final Popasox socks have been designed to ensure they stay together in the wash by having 2 fastenings. We also want them to look good and be comfortable which is why the fastenings are hidden when worn and covered with a soft tape on the inside so they do not rub on your ankle.

Popasox only produce socks they are proud of, so you can be proud to show them off. We believe in producing high quality socks that are super soft and comfortable. They'll stay firmly on your feet without cutting the circulation to your toes. They'll also make life just a little bit easier.

Popasox vision is to eliminate the chore of pairing socks, to put an end to throwing away socks because they have lost their match. By improving the ordinary sock and giving you a better option.

​​​​​​​Patent Pending. UK application no. GB 1808938.3