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April 2019

the struggles for a start up

I had an idea, even better than that I had an actual way that it would work, socks that would stay paired together. I had made some basic versions myself with a pile of cheap socks I had ordered from Amazon. I had been wearing them each day, taking them off, popping them together and throwing them in the wash. All had gone through the wash and dryer and had stayed paired.....they worked....success!!....Read More


March 2019

the solution to odd socks


I had made the decision that I would find the solution to odd socks (see All About Me blog).

The conversation moved from moaning about odd socks to bouncing around ideas about how socks could be paired, and more importantly stay paired....
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It's (almost) all....About Me


Hi, my name is Lizzie, I'm the founder and designer of Popasox.
Popasox is a new business with the aim to produce super soft, high quality, fun socks with the added bonus that they stay paired together. Why? Because there's better things to do than hunt odd socks!

My career didn't begin in fashion or design, so what makes me qualified to set up a sock brand? .....Read More